Copywriting Services and Pricing.

Businesses have personality too. Remember, telling your story with character has never been more important. It creates a connection with the kind of clients you actually want to work with.

Love the design of your site but not getting the leads you need from it? Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. Save yourself the couple of grand you’d spend on having a new site built, keep the great design, and let me fix the copy for you.

😀 Talk directly to your ideal customers 

😁 Speak their language and gain their trust

🤩 Save your current website. Save money. Increase sales

Right for you if:

Your site looks smart but it’s not generating the results you want. You don’t have the budget for a whole new site.


  • 1-2-1 online site review. We’ll define your key message and identify your ideal customer’s persona
  • Edited copy with comments for 2 core pages of your site (Max 1500 words combined)
  • A written summary of recommendations for your site. Includes ideas for headlines and taglines for your Home, About and main Services pages
  • Billy Bargain Post-Pandemic Price 😲👇
Content marketing works. Those that get it right gain followers, connections and advocates. How would that make a difference to your business? Having followers that trust you establishes your authority. Attracting advocates that extend the reach of your marketing helps you achieve tangible return on investment. And creating connections builds a network of warm leads that come to you ready to buy.

For growing businesses and confident founders with too much to do.

😀 Confirm your expertise and authority 

😁 Build your email list

🤩 Rank better on search engines

Right for you if:

You’re attracting the wrong sort of leads and customers. Your blogs and articles are inconsistent (not to mention sporadic) and don’t hit home. You’d like the customers you really want to find and connect with you.


  • A marketing reboot. A better way of connecting with your customers
  • Lead generating blog posts
  • ‘Thought leader’ articles that show off your personality and confirm your expertise

Price: Packages start from £295 per month.

Writing about your own business is hard. Investing in personality packed, authentic, interesting website copywriting keeps visitors on your site for longer, shows why you’re the brand for them and increases sales.

😀 Targeted at your ideal customer

😁 Effective – helps you get the clients you really want

🤩 SEO optimised so you rank well in online searches

Right for you if:

You struggle to write about yourself or your business. You need a website that brings in business, and generates income.

How it works:

  • Contact me and we’ll set up a video call where we’ll discuss your goals and what you want your website to achieve.
  • I’ll follow up by sending you a quote and my terms of business. The price quoted will be a fixed fee and won’t change unless you decide halfway through you’d like something different.
  • Once you’ve emailed back your acceptance, I’ll send you an invoice for 50% of the bill which you’ll need to pay before any work begins.
  • I get to work. First up, research. I get to know you, your business, your brand and your industry
  • I’ll write a first draft and send it to you.
  • You read it and let me know if there’s any changes needed.
  • Once I’ve made any alterations I’ll send it back for you to proof and request any final revisions.
  • I’ll invoice you for the final 50% with payment terms of 14 days.
  • The copy is yours. Send it out into the digital world and keep an eye on your incoming orders.

Price: From £400 per web page

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The way you speak to your customers online matters. Boring content makes people switch off and click away. An authentic and memorable voice (along with expert content) will help you sign-up more of the right type of customers. Essential for growth.

😀 Find your voice. Capture the spirit of your business and revitalise the way it communicates

😁 Empower your staff with clear consistent internal and external messaging

🤩 Easy, intuitive, fun workshop process

Right for you if:

You’ve built the basics, now you want to play bigger. You have a healthy social media following and a mailing list – but your content doesn’t engage your followers. You want to stand out, but your business communications are muddled and sound pretty similar to others in your field.


  • Tone of voice development
  • In-house or online workshops

Price: From £2495

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I know it’s not always the British way to talk about money, but I’ve found it’s easier for both of us if we know where we stand from the start.

I charge per project at an agreed rate that I won’t change unless your brief does.

Once we’ve agreed a project and pricing, I’ll send you an invoice for 50% which you’ll need to pay by BACS before any work begins. Once you’ve paid the 50% deposit I’ll begin working to our agreed timeframe using the process above. The final 50% is due after 30 days from the beginning of the project or on delivery, whichever is sooner. By accepting a quote from me you’re agreeing to these payment terms 😁.

I also work on a monthly retainer basis. This is ideal if you want regular lead generating blog posts and / or thought leadership articles. We’ll agree a schedule, a content calendar and pricing and I’ll bill you month by month in advance. My prices for agreements of 6 months or more are often up to 10% cheaper than shorter term projects.

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